RAMS GROUP is a promising name that has already marked its success as one of the conglomerates of the country having vast experience in Real Estate, Power Sector & Telecommunication networking. Establishing in 2002, the company has steered successfully through dynamic management and to the satisfaction of its clients keeping uncompromising standard with careful attention to greatest comfort and impeccable service. Philosophy of the company is to create a peaceful living city for peace loving dwellers. RAMS Group is keenly aware of its responsibility as a corporate body to contribute to the communities in which it serves.


About Rams Power : 

RAMS Power is engaged in manufacturing of substations equipments i.e. Transformer, HT Panel, HT Switch Gear Voltage Stabilizer, TPS and UPS etc. RAMS is involved in trading of generating, setting up, and supplying it’s products to residential and commercial building in Bangladesh.

Products: Transformer

RAMS Power brand highly qualified transformers are used in industrial, Residential, Commercial and government sector such as high rise residential building, commercial complex, industry etc. it may be used in PDB, DESA and DESCO etc. for power distribution. RAMS Power brand Transformer gets priority to a HT Consumer for its high quality, best price and after sales service.

Magnetic Core:
Transformer cores are manufactured with high permeable cold-rolled silicon steel sheets mostly imported from Japan, UK and USA. Cores are made in forms and shapes that have been developed as result of research spread over long period. Primary consideration is to reduce no load losses, No load currents and noise level. They are suitable desired and fabricated from quality steel plates and sections which are properly insulated from core and winding.

Transformer Winding:
RAMS Power Transformer windings are made of high conductivity, electrolytic copper, pin hole free super enamels wire. The insulation material and wire are checked for any chemical reaction with transformer oil. All windings are vacuum dried and properly pressed & clamped before assembling. For the LV. Winding one or more copper insulated with pure cellulose paper or lather wet paper are used and for the H.V. winding one or more elementary copper strip or super enamel copper wire are used.

RAMS Power transformer tank is fabricated with electrically welded mild steel sheets. To increase the cooling surface area the side walls of transformer tank are corrugated using high thermal conductivity steel sheet. The tank is tested under pressure for detecting any leakage. Tank covers are provided with antimagnetic material between LT bushings. Tanks employed for housing the transformers are mechanically strong, leak proof and suitable for proper heat dissipation.

We use local and imported Bushing for RAMS Power transformer. Which are hard non-ferrous and glazed & provides mechanically strength and desired insulation under rigid conditions of surge voltages, lightning rain, excessive heat and short circuit is guaranteed.

The dielectric circuit of the transformer which isolates the magnetic & electric circuit & their parts, maintaining high insulation level, is formed by insulating paper, press boards, bakelite and transformer oil of the highest quality. Insulation papers and pressboards of high quality from Weidman, Switzerland are used for all “RAMS Power” brand transformer.

During the entire manufacturing process the transformers are subject to the following to IEC 76/BDS 1080:
a) Ratio test. b) Insulation resistance test. c) Polarity and phase relation test. d) No load loss test. e) Excitation current test. f) Impedance and load loss test. g) Dielectric strength test of oil. h) Applied potential test. i) Induced potential test. j) Leakage test. k) Winding resistance. l) Vector group test.

1. H.T. busing with terminal connectors 2. L.T. bushing with terminal connectors 3. Oil level indicator 4. Conservator tank 5. Tap changer 6. Thermometer pocket
7. Dehydrating breather silica gel 8. Oil check valve 9. Lifting lugs 10. Drain plug
11. Earth terminal 12. Name plate with connection diagram.

RAMS Power Provides warranty against all types of transformers and workmanship for a period of 20 months from the date of delivery. RAMS Power also will repair/replace the defective part of the transformer within shortest possible time at its own cost. After expiry of the warranty period, repair/maintenance of the equipment shall be carried out at a nominal cost.

RAMS Power supply the following type of Transformer:
• ONAN type, Single-Phase Distribution Transformer
• ONAN type, Three-Phase Distribution Transformer
• Dry type, Cast Resin, Three-Phase Transformer
• 33/11KV, Power Transformer upto 3-25MVA
• Isolation Transformer
• Furnace Transformer

RAMS Power provides the following services:
• Transformer maintenance and overhauling
• Transformer Oil Centrifuging
• Installation & Commissioning
• Rewinding & Repairing rtc.

RAMS POWER H.T Switch gear equipped with Sulfer Hexa Fluride (SF6 ) Circuit Breaker, Load Break switch(LBS), Vacuum Circuit Breaker(VCB), Air Circuit Breaker(ACB), Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker(MOCB) Vacuum contactor, Disconnector etc.to meet individual requirement which comply with BS, IEC and other relevant international standard , it has features of long service life reliability and high degree of quality safety. High Tension Switches are suitable for inexpensive electrical sub-station with transformer feeder, measuring, sectionalizing Auto change over and motor protection.

Technical Data
Metal Clad, sheet steel
Rated voltage :3.3,6.6 11 & 33 Kv.
Rated current : 630A,400A, 1250A, 2000A
Rated frequency :50Hz.
Breaking Current: 13.1, 16, 18.4 ,20,25 &31.5 KA.
Making current: 34, 40 ,50, 63 & 80 KA.
Short circuit Duration: 1or 3 seconds.

RAMS POWER L.T. switch gear is sheet steel, metal fabricated, enclosed/semi enclosed, free standing and floor mounting type cubicle. Its contains protection and control units required to provide the desired performance. It is equipped with circuit Breaker, Relays, Control and indicating auxiliaries which are imported from Siemens, USA & Germany; ABB Italy & Germany Legrand, France, as per choice of our valued customers.

For voltage and current monitoring, voltmeter, Ameter, Indicating lamps, selector switch etc. are mounted on the upper portion of the front cover of the LT. panel Box.

Copper busbars of adequate size with Red, Yellow & Blue marking are mounted on the upper portion of the Box. The busbars are firmly supported by insulators having adequate mechanical and electrical strength.

Technical Data:
• Metal clad
• Rated voltage : upto 1000 V
• Rated current : upto 4000A.
• Rated frequency : 50Hz.
• Rated Breaking current: upto 100KA
• Rated making current : 130 KA.
• Short circuit duration : 1 or 3 seconds.

Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant:
RAMS Power PFI plant has been designed to meet the needs of all forms of power factor correction by capacitor banks from small unit to a large plant.

RAMS Power manufactures floor & wall mounting auto/manual power factor improvement (PFI) plant comprises of capacitor Banks, power factor improvement Relay, Contactors, HRC fuses, Manual/Automatic change over switch reactors for large plant comply with IEC, BS and other relevant international standard the automatic PFI plant are available in steps of 2.5 KVAR to 1200 KVAR capacitor Banks and up to a maximum output of 10,000 KVAR.

Sl. No. Rating Depth (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
1. 40 KVAR-200 KVAR 400-550 650-900 1500-1650
2. 200 KVAR-500 KVAR 500-650 900-1350 1700-2000
3. 500 KVAR-1000 KVAR 650-800 1200-1400 2000-2200